Sunday, September 13, 2009

Shades of the Soul

They’re like the clear Caribbean Sea, his eyes.
Transforming like the changing tides
Evolving from brilliant blues to glorious greens,
Eternally piercing my soul.
Those eyes that follow and admire me,
The amazing blues show no sadness or sorrow
They are calming like rain drops pattering;
His eyes that cannot tell a lie,
Show me all I need to know.
His sapphire vision is unclouded by the storms of today
He conceives the beauty hidden beneath my skin.
His azure gaze like the crystal clear sky
Comprehends the genuine beauty
Not the forgery the world wants us to believe is true.
His royal optic shows me as a Queen,
And as I look into these Prussian seas
I see the beauty he glimpses in me.


Liberty Williams said...

Is this poem for me and my someday husband. It fits perfect in my request for a man with blue eyes! Loved IT!

Jessie said...

I thought that you would like it Libby.