Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My Chosen Escape

The mind is a wondrous thing,
It begins as a drop of rain,
And soon transforms into a waterfall.
I get lost in my own delusions
As the world pierces me like a sword.
I find myself on rolling hills,
And look up at the sky above,
And watch the gleaming stars.
Soon they fall like streams of fire,
Then out of the flames a bird appears.
A phoenix is born like a new apparition.
Then like the sting of a vampire’s bite,
The luxuries of reality settle in.
And a new day begins.


Liberty Williams said...

Hmmm...was Twilight your inspiration? Great poem though.

Jessie said...

No, for this poem we had to choose so many words from a list of nouns and Vampire just happened to be one of them. Don't you think it worked really well though?

Doty Family said...

That is great Jessie! It goes really well together. I love the Hidden Beauty poem!