Thursday, September 17, 2009

Leaves of Life

Suppose there are no returns

A simple life can disappear before our eyes.
We may not notice each person’s distinct life,
But each of our lives is like the life of a leaf.

At the beginning of spring our life begins like a bud on a tree.
Soon it blossoms and behold a new leaf appears.
The leaf grows and becomes a radiant green.

Through the summer it suffers fierce heats
And excruciating winds.
Then the weather begins to chill
And the end of life soon comes
With the changing weather.

The autumn turns the leaves to many beautiful colors,
But soon the winter arrives and each leaf falls gently to its death.
There is no return for those leaves that break away,
But they make way for the new leaves
And give a new generation a chance to grow.

There may be no return for the leaves that fall each year,
But they are as generations passed.
People who have taught us much,
And allow us to gain our own knowledge
From new and challenging experiences.
Even though there may not be a physical return
The knowledge of our ancestors continues on and on.


Anne Sproat said...

Jessie, Is this poem written by you? It's quite good.

Have you read any of Carol Lynn Pearson's poetry. She's LDS, not the only LDS woman to write poetry, but her verses have particularly touched me. She's written four or five volumes of poetry, maybe more. I need to look her up, either on google or on Amazon.

Keep it up.

Lucashell said...

Wow, I really like this one!