Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Walking on the tracks
the whistle of the train echoes
from a mile away.

I progress
one step at a time.

The rail vibrates under my feet
as the train advances closer.

I can see the engine now
only yards away.

I stop and stare,
watching as it heads towards me.
One hundred yards.
Fifty yards.

The whistle sounds
and I am face to face
with the magnificent machine.

A monstrous beast
traversing towards me
threatens my destruction.

Urgency and fear
force me to step aside.

I watch the engine
and cars pass.
The wind blows past me
sending chills through my body.

Thirty cars rumble across the rail.
Eventually a hundred or more
speed across the line.

Finally the caboose zooms past.
I watch the train fade away.

Back on the tracks,
I continue on.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Journeys by Jessica Williams

This semester I took Advanced Poetry Writing, and one of the things that we got to do this semester was get together with the Graphics Department and make a book out of some of our poems. My book is finished and it is available to purchase online at Blurb.
Now some of the poems have been revised so they are not the completed poems, but they are close enough. I will be posting several if not all of the poems here, so keep an eye out. Also feel free to go and purchase my book, it's $19.95 plus shipping. Can I get away with saying that I've been published again? I think so!