Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Walking on the tracks
the whistle of the train echoes
from a mile away.

I progress
one step at a time.

The rail vibrates under my feet
as the train advances closer.

I can see the engine now
only yards away.

I stop and stare,
watching as it heads towards me.
One hundred yards.
Fifty yards.

The whistle sounds
and I am face to face
with the magnificent machine.

A monstrous beast
traversing towards me
threatens my destruction.

Urgency and fear
force me to step aside.

I watch the engine
and cars pass.
The wind blows past me
sending chills through my body.

Thirty cars rumble across the rail.
Eventually a hundred or more
speed across the line.

Finally the caboose zooms past.
I watch the train fade away.

Back on the tracks,
I continue on.


Berty Bell said...

Is that one of my pictures? LOVE THE POEM...not sure if I love your blog post about me and all the pictures I take of myself though. ;)

Miss Jessie said...

I took this picture on my camera when I went up to Alaska with Mom, Dad, and Flint. Gosh Libby trying to take all the credit. Sheesh!

Berty Bell said...

You little brat! I was just asking - SHEESH! I took many pictures like this, so I DIDN'T KNOW!