Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Kolob at Dawn

I look above and see the four fingers of Kolob
stretching out to me as the sun sneaks up behind them,
transforming the sky from pink to blue,
encircling their rust colored skin.

Sitting in this multihued country,
reds, blues, and greens surround me.
The aroma of pine fills the open air.
Sagebrush bushes scattered all around.
I am a single person in this vast world,
but I am not deserted.

To the north two ebony birds
perched in a tree, chirping to each other,
sit in the shadow of the majestic canyons
amid the open fingers.

Extensive canyons leading to unknown regions,
echoing the voices of the natural world.
Increasing walls extend to the sky
consuming whomever enters.

These rocks are constant as life continues:
animals scurrying from bush to bush,
birds soaring from tree to tree.
Pine cones falling, disrupting the silence.

Kolob is an enchanting forest,
a Heavenly Place.
Here I sit detached,
but this elegance around me
envelopes me in my isolation.

I am welcomed into this sanctuary.
Thanks Libby for the beautiful picture.

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Berty Bell said...

Beautiful poem! Good job. And, of course, I love the picture. :)