Tuesday, April 5, 2011


The golden orb descends behind the rocky peaks,
and the periwinkle sky transforms to roses and lilies,
making the puffy clouds look like fallen petals.

A flower closes to sleep.
Soon violets and blues overpower the once bright sky,
announcing it is time for bed.

Blackness surrounding you is now lit
by bright, glittering constellations millions of light-years away.

Unconsciousness invades the world
leading you to places unknown.

Hours pass by, uncertainty overpowers your
unknowing mind as you lie asleep
in your bed of comfort and security.

Darkness is saturated by carnations, irises, and zinnias.
A giant sunflower enters the fields of blue
waking the unconscious people.

1 comment:

Berty Bell said...

I like! Love the use of flowers, but I am a flower girl!