Friday, December 10, 2010


I run through the sand
                 letting it seep
                          between my toes.
The warmth of the red dirt
              my cold feet.

I trip and fall,
              down dunes.
I reach the bottom
       and enjoy the
of the coarse ground
      embracing me.

My eyes gently close,
       I’m lost
              in the friendliness
                    of the toasty clay beneath
                             my chilling body.
I’ve gone astray into a utopia
        of my imagination.

I hear the sound of laughter
       and something hits
              my motionless body.
It is cold
       and has a familiar taste.
My eyes open to find
        a familiar face
               looking down and

Laughing. Confusion overpowers
        then comprehension
               takes place.
I see a mound
             what was once my body.
Pleasant warmth shelters me with
              dirty sand.


Bodacious Berty said...

Are you referring to the Sand Dunes in Snow Canyon? I like this one!

Miss Jessie said...

Yes it is about the Snow Canyon Sand dunes. The form of it is a little different on my hard copy but it wouldn't space it like I wanted on my blog.