Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Day with Sam

It was a beautiful day in Southern Utah. They sky was clear and bright blue. It was a Saturday and I had had enough of school and work. I wanted a break; I wanted to go to my favorite place. I hadn’t been there in a long time. I put on my tennis shoes and put the leash on my dog Sam. We walked out of the yard and headed toward the big red mountain. We walked the half mile up to the dike; once we were on the dike we found the trail. I took Sam off of his leash and we began walking down the trail. We didn’t get far before Sam spotted a rabbit and decided to chase after it. I spent the next ten minutes calling out to him and when he wouldn’t come I had to run after him. After a few trips and one great tumble down a small hill Sam finally came back to me. I decided to put him back on his leash for a while, and we continued on the trail. Eventually I found the mouth of the canyon I had been looking for. We walked up the wash; I was anxiously looking for the whale and the rabbit. As soon as I saw them I knew that I was getting close to my favorite spot. I took Sam off of his leash again and we continued up the wash until we came to two rocks that leaned against each other and formed a tunnel. Sam wandered through the tunnel and I trailed behind him. When I stepped out of the tunnel there sat the flat sandstone stage. To the right was a large rock with many holes. We were here, my most favorite spot in the world. I climbed up the large rock and sat in a large crevice, I liked to call it box five because it had a perfect view of the stage. I pulled my backpack off of my shoulders and pulled out my notebook and pen. Sam explored the canyon for a while and eventually found a shady spot below a rock and laid down to rest. Then we both sat in peace enjoying this beautiful spot.

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